Youth Group Retreat Located in the Heart of the North Carolina Mountains
The Old Greer House of Banner Elk, North Carolina
The Old Greer House of Banner Elk, North Carolina


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The Old Greer House Youth Group Rentals in Banner Elk, North Carolina
Just outside of Banner Elk, in the heart of the North Carolina Mountains, rests The Old Greer House. Lovingly adapted by its caretakers, The Old Greer House now serves as a special retreat for youth groups. Unique in both its serene setting and central location to the northern mountains' best attractions, The Old Greer House is the perfect destination for young ones to reflect, interact with each other... and just plain have fun!

Available all-year round, The Old Greer House can accommodate up to 35 kids. Additional options exist if your group is a bit larger.
Photos of The Old Greer House.
• Ideal location just minutes from North Carolina’s major ski resorts, Grandfather Mountain    and many other well known North Carolina Mountain attractions.

• Lots of historic charm, a large outdoor area complete with stream and plenty of adjacent    woods.

• Bunk Beds for 26, plus space and mattresses for 9 more. Linens are supplied.

• Balm Cottage, very close by, is available for adult members that may prefer to bunk in a    more adult setting.

• Large living room for group meetings.

• Large porch for recreation and socializing.

• Family kitchen and dining room. Enough dishware for 40. Microwave.

• Library / Study Room for quiet times.

Appealing Rental Rates.

• The Old Greer House is a non-profit service.

See Rates / Specials or Call Claire Kimmel @ 828-898-2843 (leave a message if necessary) for more information.

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